Watch: Armed Georgia Delivery Driver Thwarts Armed Robbery Making Light Work Of The Crook

According to FoxNews a man was trying to rob a Georgia Hardee’s when he was shot and wounded in an exchange of gunfire with a hero bread deliveryman who sprung into action when he saw the robbery taking place, according to a report.

Clayton County police say that the attempted robbery happened at a Hardees on Anvilblock Road in Ellenwood around 6:30 a.m. According to officials, Parrish Damario Kentrell jumped across the counter and pointed a weapon at a female employee while demanding cash.

At the same time, Joseph Chilton was on a delivery when he saw employees running out of the Hardees and heard a woman screaming for help. He quickly ran back to his truck to get a firearm.

After exchanging gunfire with Kentrell, the suspect fled, but not before being shot twice by the bread delivery man, Atlanta News reported.

Saturday afternoon, investigators traced Kentrell to a home in Conley on Jewell Terrace Road. Kentrell refused to come out, so officials say they activated the Clayton County SWAT team. Before the team could get there, Kentrell surrendered.

“Deputies are now watching Parrish at a local hospital where he is being treated for gunshot wounds so that he will be healthy enough to face the wall at Georgia’s toughest para-military jail, ‘The Hill-ton,’” the news release said.

The news release said that Sheriff Victor Hill was so impressed with Chilton for “defending those who could not defend themselves” that he made him an honorary deputy and inducted him into the Sheriff’s Posse Hall of Fame.

We saw a similar report of a man who attempted to rob a Dollar General in Dayton Ohio was shot dead by the clerk on duty. Instead of praise, the clerk received public outcry, particularly from the alleged robber’s family, for defending himself.

The family during that failed robber claimed the clerk murdered their brother and shouldn’t have been armed.

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