Tech Billionaire of ‘Virgin’ Says Americans Need to Pay More Taxes! [Video]

Sir Richard Branson has been working to make commercial space travel possible. In an interview with the folks over at MSNBC Branson steps out of his area of expertise to say that Americans need to be paying more in taxes. Someone needs to tell this guy to stick to what he knows… Free Beacon: Branson, an English businessman and founder of the Virgin Group, said Americans should pay higher taxes, although he acknowledged he is not American during an appearance on MSNBC on Friday. Branson appeared on MSNBC to discuss Virgin Galactic’s partnership with New Mexico to build the first-ever commercial spaceport. At the end of the interview, host Yasmin Vossoughian asked Branson about income inequality and the role people like him “should play with regards to income inequality.” “We have a very important role. I think if anybody is fortunate to be successful, wealth, and sometimes extreme wealth, comes with it[…]

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