CNN Analyst Tries to Justify Something Obama Did While Slamming Trump, Alleging He Did The Same Thing

The Clinton News Network (CNN) ads such an insane spin on stories you have to believe that they’re laughing off camera. That has to be the only way they make it through their shows with a straight face. According to CNN National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd, former President Obama separated migrant children from their families and stuck them in metal cages “for their protection,” during a panel discussion criticizing President Trump’s border policies. After playing a clip in which President Trump points out that the child separation policy began under Obama, CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer said: “The President, in the Oval Office with the Egyptian President, he denied CNN’s reporting and other reporting that he is thinking of reinstating zero-tolerance family separation policy. He repeated this accusation against President Obama. […] [Trump] stopped it after he authorized the zero-tolerance policy.” BLITZER: “He stopped it after he authorized the zero-tolerance policy that was announced by John Kelly here in[…]

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