Deep Blue Watch: City Pushes Homeless Problem Off On Private Property Owners

The DEEP blue city of portland are reportedly planning on having private property owners fork overland to the homeless for ‘rest areas’.  If that isn’t concerning enough, the move doesn’t draw the line on how far these private owners will have to go to accommodate the homeless population. The requirement can be read a number of ways, according to DailyWire, but at least one member of the Portland planning and sustainability commission was clear to local reporters that the requirement is to the benefit of the city’s “unhoused,” who are often kicked off of private property for loitering, sleeping, or camping — as is (typically) a private property owner’s right. “Just one of the realities of Portland right now is that we have a lot of folks who are unhoused who benefit from some of these spaces that provide weather protection,” she said when introducing the idea at a recent[…]

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