Watch: Top Dem Calling for Donald Trump Jr to Be Jailed: “Prison Is the Only Answer”

The Senate Intelligence Committee has already issued a subpoena to Don Jr. to further question him about nothing other than Russia. Again… Trump Jr. already answered questions to the Committee back in 2017 at his own accord and was more than willing to comply. Why did the Committee feel like they needed to send a subpoena? Who knows. Appropriately named Democratic Senator Dick Blumenthal says that Don Jr. Needs to go to jail if he doesn’t respond to the bogus subpoena. Dick said, “If he fails to answer he ought to be put in jail. If he fails to comply with a lawful subpoena – he has no privilege – prison is the only answer.” Later in a tweet Dick Wrote: “Subpoena for Donald Trump Jr. is the right step, as I’ve urged, to explain his apparent lies in his Judiciary Committee appearance. He told us he was only “peripherally[…]

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