Olympic Medalist Alizade Bashes Oppressive Country Of Iran After Defecting

Taekwondo Bronze Medalist Kimia Alizade has decided to defect from Iran. She explained in a post on Instagram that she was sick of being a puppet of an oppressive government.

This is the best translation I could find.

“Should I start with greetings, goodbye or condolences?
Good-bye, noble people of Iran. You people of Iran I have always grieved for you.
How much do you know me? Only as you’ve seen in games, on television, or in the presence of officials. Let me now introduce my censored identity.
It is said that Kiimia will never be anything after this. I’m going to go beyond this and say I‘ve never been before: “I am Kiimiya Alizadeh, No History, My Hero, No Flag of Iran”

I am one of the millions of women who have been suppressed in Iran for years and have played(Done?)whatever they want. They took[me]wherever they wanted. I wear what they said. Every sentence was ordered I repeated. When they saw fit, they confiscated (used?) me. They added my medals to the veil and attributed it to their management.
I didn’t care about them. None of us care about them, we are tools. Only that metal is important to them and the political advantage and at the same time they say for their humiliation: “A woman’s virtue is not to extend her legs!”

I wake up in the morning, my legs turn unconsciously like a fan, and go into the wall. Then how could I be a scarecrow they wanted to build from me? On the live TV show, they asked me the same question over and over again.

Mr. Saei, I came not to be like you, and I did not step in the way you went. I could have gained more wealth and power than you could have done in imitating some of your behavior. I turned my back on these. I’m a human being and I want to stay on the orbit of humanity.

In your male and female minds, you always thought Keimia was a woman and had no language! My agitated spirit does not fit into your dirty economic channels and narrow political lobbies. I have no other request for the world but taekwondo, security, and a happy life.
The beloved and beloved people of Iran, I did not want to climb the stairs that were built on corruption and lies.

Alizade stressed that no one invited her to Europe. She went there on her own as she felt like she could no longer stay in such a hypocritical place with its lies and injustice.”

Looks like Iran is not going to be getting a woman’s Olympic Taekwondo medal this year.

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