Climate Fanatics To Rename ‘Climate Change’, The Names They Have Come Up With Are Laughable

Here we go again. The ‘Climate Change’ movement may be rebranding themselves to get more attention from the public. It’s a stunt the group has pulled before and it looks like it could be happening again.

First it was called “global warming.” Then there was that inconvenient period in the 1990s and early 2000s when the average global temperature actually fell, according to DailyWire.

So the alarmists rebranded global warming as “climate change” – and the mainstream media quickly picked up the term. Forget that Earth’s climate has been changing for billions of years.

Now, though, the alarmists think that “climate change” is not as alarming as it could be, and one is pushing new terms like “global meltdown” and “climate collapse.”

“As a professional namer, I create names for companies, products and services,” Aaron Hall writes in AdAge. “After the global climate strike this past September, I found myself thinking about the terms ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming.’ Are these scientific terms too neutral? Do they do enough to grab attention and inspire people to take action?”

That’s right… ‘Climate Change’ isn’t flashy enough. The group wants something that sounds more terrifying to scare people into opening their wallets to an endless and baseless cause.

So what names are these folks kicking around?

Hall says the terms “Global Meltdown” or “Global Melting,” deliver the right level of alarm. “The names signal that ice caps are melting, but also create a more visceral image in the mind – that real feeling of ‘melting’ when it’s too hot outside. A meltdown is a disastrous event that draws from the ultimate terror of a nuclear meltdown, an apt metaphor for global destruction.”

He also says “Climate Collapse” and “Climate Chaos” are properly alarming, too. The group is said to be considering “Scorched Earth,” ‘Boiling Point’, and ‘Melting Point’ as well.

So, brace yourselves… The extremists are about to get more extreme. With names like they how can they not? Those names are enough to scare anyone. Especially those who ignore the data and base their information on other extremists.

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