California Mom Gets Beaten By Her Daughter’s Bullies

A California mom was simply trying to defend her teen from bullying and became a victim in the process. Mom Maria Jimenez was trying to do the right thing and defend her kid from apparently violent classmates. But when she showed up to talk to the principal found that the bullies were waiting for her. “A mother is recovering after she says two teenage girls brutally beat her up outside a Union City high school earlier this week. On Tuesday morning, they drove their daughter to school and wanted to go inside to speak to the principal about the bullying. Instead, they say the girls met them outside and began throwing punches. “They started screaming at us, ‘What you wanna do? Who’s going to fight first,’” said parent Eder Rojas. “The girl was very furious, they grabbed by the hair and dragged me,” the teen’s mother Maria Jimenez said through[…]

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