California Mom Gets Beaten By Her Daughter’s Bullies

A California mom was simply trying to defend her teen from bullying and became a victim in the process. Mom Maria Jimenez was trying to do the right thing and defend her kid from apparently violent classmates. But when she showed up to talk to the principal found that the bullies were waiting for her.

“A mother is recovering after she says two teenage girls brutally beat her up outside a Union City high school earlier this week.

On Tuesday morning, they drove their daughter to school and wanted to go inside to speak to the principal about the bullying.

Instead, they say the girls met them outside and began throwing punches.

“They started screaming at us, ‘What you wanna do? Who’s going to fight first,’” said parent Eder Rojas.

“The girl was very furious, they grabbed by the hair and dragged me,” the teen’s mother Maria Jimenez said through a translator.

“They want to hit my daughter but I cover a lot that they didn’t they couldn’t get there so they grabbed my wife,” parent Eder Rojas said. “She has the bones broken right here, she has the eyes all red a bump here.”

“The teen girls punched and kicked Jimenez repeatedly in the face, bloodying her eye, breaking several bones, and knocking her unconscious.

At least one of the girls was a student at the school.”

“When Rojas jumped in to yank the girls off of his wife, at least one of the teens struck his daughter.

Union City police responded to the school and placed one juvenile under arrest for battery with serious bodily injury, the San Francisco Gate reported.”

“The school district told KRON the fight involved two Logan High students, a student’s family and a third individual.

“We are investigating and following up on this incident working directly with the Union City Police Department, and taking disciplinary actions,” the school wrote in an email to parents. “We believe this incident to be between the two Logan students and does not appear to involve any other Logan students.”

“Jimenez’s family told KGO they will find a new high school for their daughter and are considering hiring an attorney. The station added that a GoFundMe page has been established to help with Jimenez’s medical expenses.”

That husband should have acted at least held these hostile teens down. I get a guy is not supposed to fight a girl, but it was two teens ganging up on his wife and Maria Jimenez was still recovering from giving birth just a few months prior, so she was not exactly in fighting shape. And hey California is all about that over the top PC/identity culture so maybe he should have squared off right away, I mean how he is to know that they identify as female…

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