Report: Ronan Farrow’s Book Claims Hillary Forced Him To Kill The Harvey Weinstein Investigation [Details]

Ronan Farrow, American journalist, lawyer, and former government advisor wrote in his new book about how far Harvey Weinstein’s reach really was. The book titles ‘Catch and Kill’ Farrow claims that Weinstein used leverage over Hillary Clinton to pressure him into dropping a case against him The Hollywood Reporter writes: “Weinstein also attempted to leverage his long-term relationship with Hillary Clinton to pressure Farrow, he writes. In summer 2017, while Farrow was trying to lock down an interview with Clinton for his foreign policy book — while also still working on the Weinstein story — he received a call from Clinton’s publicist, Nick Merrill, who told him that the “big story” Farrow was working on was a “concern for us.” Then, in September 2017, according to an email cited in the book, Weinstein wrote to Deborah Turness, the ex-president of NBC News who now runs NBC News International, to propose[…]

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