Chilling Confession Reveals Why We Need To Secure The Border

The Democrats have been turning a blind eye to the border. They seem to think that all of these migrants are going to come over here seeking asylum. The Dems refuse to admit that there are also bad elements that are crossing like MS-13 and other criminals. But a recent report shows we have more than just the common criminals ISIS once planned to use our weak border to attack us. “Seized ISIS fighter Abu Henricki, a Canadian citizen with dual citizenship with Trinidad, last month said that he was sought out by the violent insurgency’s leadership to attack the U.S. from a route starting in Central America, according to a study by the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE) and published in Homeland Security Today. “ISIS has organized plots in Europe with returnees so it seems entirely plausible that they wanted to send guys out to attack. The issue that makes[…]

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