Watch: Man Spends $37,000 Fighting A $120 Ticket From 2016 – No Joke!

Talk about standing your ground! A man says that he was just out for justice in what he claims was an unfair and incorrect ticket. A UK man was given a ticket for speeding and was asked to pay $120 as a result. He of course refused and has spent nearly $40,000 fighting the ticket. According to USA Today, Richard Keedwell, 71, told the BBC he was fined after he was found driving 35 mph in a 30 mph zone in 2016. “I really could not believe that I had been speeding,” he said to the BBC Monday. It made a simple day out turn very sour, actually.” Keedwell, who lives in Yate, a town about 100 miles west of London, has appeared in lower court four times and unsuccessfully appealed to the Crown Court, arguing that there was a “flawed reading” by the speeding cam, reported Yahoo! News. A spokesman with[…]

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